Sunday, January 3, 2010


Well, the holidays have come and gone, well sort of - it's only January 3rd. Everyone I talked to this year said similar things - the holiday season felt different from years past. I agree, and I wonder, "What are the holidays supposed to feel like?" Several situations arose where I chose not to participate in the meal ritual, i.e. drinking wine, eating cheese, and this caused a moment of angst for some of my family. This is nothing unusual - family is generally the first to question any food choices that differ from the status quo, especially during the holidays. I'm used to it by now.

Why do we put so much importance on the where, when, and what of things? How about just being grateful for having family present, grateful for our health, grateful for the abundance in our lives? I guess we're creatures of habit. For me, I really don't care what other people eat on the holidays. Christmas is still Christmas with or without certain foods.

I believe that we are redefining our lives, some of us consciously, and others unconsciuosly. Nonetheless, significant life events are going to feel different as the energy shifts around us. In the end, nothing stays the same. Change is inevitable.

My mom and I cooked this holiday, and I refined my vegan chocolate chip recipe. Yum! We enjoyed those cookies all season. I decided to experiment in the kitchen with millet and brown rice, and that was interesting. We were attempting to make croquettes without using eggs, and that is possible, but certainly not usual. Somewhere during our second attempt, my mom said, "My grandmother is turning over in her grave." We both laughed. Polenta and arborio rice were the extent of their "grains", and eggs were a staple. We finally got it work, and the croquettes were delicious.

I say, let's worry less about how it used to be or how we think it ought to be, and create our lives moment by moment according to our individual truth. My truth may not be yours. That's okay. We can live in peace and harmony despite our differences.